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I've been everywhere, man. 


I've been everywhere, man. 


Hank the Stank | Hike 05


Hank the Stank

Hike 05 | 01-14-18


A group of is went out to Spanish Canyon with Hank and Dot, De Cooper's German Shorthair Pointers. Hank is not nearly as skilled of a scrambler as Dot. Hank had been whining throughout the majority of the hike. De took Hank down this small slot canyon first which quickly ignited the entire group's uncontrollable laughter. Hank desperately wedged himself between the rocks and would not move. All the while Hank is farting out of anxiety. I named them "fear farts." De had to scramble over top of him to get him down. De ends up getting him to an upright position just inches above the ground and Hank still isn't aware. He clings for dear life. He's so scared that it takes him a while to even look at De. 

Hank farted all day. It was so gross yet so funny. We had a great time. I'm looking forward to more time hiking with dogs. 

2018-01-14 Spanish Cave HIKE 05-7.jpg
2018-01-14 Spanish Cave HIKE 05-8.jpg