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I've been everywhere, man. 


I've been everywhere, man. 

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Eight Miles | Hike 15

Bell and I met some friends out at our favorite stomping ground for an eight mile hike from Sunset trailhead to Crab Eyes to Echo Pass up the south side of Elk Mountain to Apple & Pear and then Down Elk Mountain trail. 

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Bell climbs Crab Eyes | Hike 14

It would be hard not to notice that I got a puppy. Her name is Bell. But she's not just any puppy, she's a puppy who loves the Wichita Mountains like I do. She's an adventure puppy. I am a proud dog mom. 

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Chasing Waterfalls | Hike 11

My friend Blake Batchelor invited me on a day road trip to Arkansas. The area had received a lot of rain during the week so he was suspecting some gorgeous waterfalls.

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Getting Lost

I lead a hike to Spanish Canyon on Sunday. I turned right when I should have turned left. What a great mistake that turned out to be.

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